Sunday, September 26, 2010

A nice mix...

I love to set cool stones. As of late, if it doesn't make me say wow, I won't even touch it. I can't express how important it is to make sure that you select only the "good ones" when choosing a stone for a piece. In my experience, while a wonderful stone will sell a piece, a boring/dull stone will make it sit and collect dust. Of course sometimes you need simple stones to go with certain designs.
Generally speaking… killer stones sell.
Here are some of my choices over the past few weeks!

Don't forget, custom orders are in full swing, bring em on!

Prehnite, Garnet, Starchild

Prehnite, Space Commander, Prehnite, Herkimer Diamond

Ocean Jasper, Chrysocolla, Prehinite, Herkimer Diamond, Quartz with black rutile

Spessartine Garnet