Thursday, July 15, 2010

Handmade Division Talk about...

This Month’s question is…

Are there artists you would love to collaborate with? What would you make?

I would love to get into doing collaborations. I have actually been thinking about this off and on for a while now. It could bring about some very interesting work! On top of that, it would be a great way to promote.
My current idea is for a ring. One artist would do the band design and the other would do the top design and possibly set a stone. Since each artist would only focus on one part of the ring, it would be much easier to add some great details and end up with a really unique piece.
I would also like to collaborate with a non metal artist, say maybe a painter and incorporate a small painting into a pendant. Or on the opposite end, do a cool copper or brass boarder for a painting... something along those lines. It would be nice!

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ceeb wassermann aka howlindoggie:

nanopod: Hybrid Studio -


  1. awesome Bill
    Do it! all of the above!

  2. I <3 your work!
    Collaboration does open up new avenues- streets, rivers, paths, oceans!! I say GO FOR IT!

  3. Love all your choices for a collaboration! also, fabulous work!!