Sunday, March 14, 2010

Talk About... My favorite thing

Hello all!

I am joining up with some people from the Snow Leopard Network to talk about a favorite thing that I have created.

Mine would have to be my bike. I tend not to, and try not to get attached to material things, but this bike is a tuff one! It was created by a few friends and myself at a place and time that will stay with me forever. The memories are good, and I hope to have many more!

It's built from an 89' 883 Harley evo motor and a paughco frame. The fuel tank has been chopped in half on the right side to incorporate the oil tank as well. Pretty much all of the metal was fabricated from old misc parts including the exhaust. Everything on this bike was modified/fabricated in some way by us. Its a one of a kind for sure!

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  1. Really beautiful work, Bill! (I can appreciate it; there are bikes in my history.) And I agree. Material things that hold some of our dear memories are always the real treasures.

  2. fantastic Bill! I loved reading about the bike, for which I had only seen a photo. Knowing the history is cool. It's fantastic. :) I hope to build a bike some day.

  3. I can't believe you built a bike. Now that's pretty hardcore.

  4. Thanks everyone for checkin out my bike :)
    Personally I enjoy building them more than riding. There is always a project going on at my friends garage, and I help out when I can. Purified is taking up all my time at the moment though, I feel bad sometimes.

  5. That is an awesome bike. My husband walked behind me earlier while I was checking it out and came back to take a closer look. It blows my mind that you could build something like this . . . wish I could hear it revving! :)

  6. Cool bike! Did you save any parts for jewelry making projects? Hey we all need our vises, so might as well be your bike.

  7. Yea, all that is great.

  8. wow what a cool creation! and fun story!! awesome:)

  9. I had no idea! What a great new thing to learn about you. I know nothing of motorcycles, but I am very impressed. Thanks for sharing!

  10. My husband Jon who makes all of our buckles would totally agree with you. He is currently building a bike of old parts and fabricating custom details. His bike passion may actually greater than his passion for creating in metal.