Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Moms B day Ring - Sterling and Prehnite

One good thing about making silver is that I don't have to go to malls and stores to pick out a present for birthdays:P
Here is momz b day ring!

To make the seat for the bezel I melted some scrap silver into a hole in my soldering block.

Red hot!

Pretty raw at this point...

Shaped and ready to solder together

All soldered up

Cleaned up and purty

Oxidized with liver of sulfer and ready to add a final finish then set the stone

All done... Happy b day!


  1. Yeah she was, but she wouldn't tell me if she didn't like it anyways, so who knows!

  2. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Did realize that you hollowed out the silver to create the bezel cup. Neat!

    Hey, no matter what you give your mom, I'm sure she was ecstatic. It really is the thought that counts, especially a piece you made yourself.

  3. Actually I soldered on the bezel on, I was going to hollow it out but I don't have the right burs :(

    Yes I have always felt that a gift like this is more meaningful than anything else.
    I always tell people in my family that they have to make my gifts too!

  4. Hey Bill! That's a great series of pix. Very interesting to see how you do that. And I love the finished piece. (I know your Mom loved it, too!)

  5. Hi Judy!
    Thanks for stopping by:)
    Glad you enjoyed!