Friday, June 5, 2009

Jessica Joslin – When beauty meets bone…

Featured Artist – Jessica Joslin

For those of you who have never laid eyes on Jessica’s work, you are about to be amazed.
Metal smiths prepare to be humbled. Sculptors, raise your jaws off the floor.
I am so inspired when looking at Jessica’s work that I don’t know quite what to do.
So I clear my head and go back to work hoping that the genius of such pieces as Ludwig, Lupe and Egon will rise to the surface of my own imagination… just a little bit.

Head over to Jessica's site to see more of her work!

Photo credit: © Jessica Joslin and courtesy of Lisa Sette Gallery


  1. Wow, I couldn't stop looking through all the photos, really beyond my imagination! Thank you for posting this.

  2. This is fabulously original work. Just love it! Thanks.

  3. She has so much to look at. So much detail!

  4. Thank you for the lovely compliments! :)